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ABC Conference 2018


The Association of Building Compliance Annual Conference was recently held at the Ellerslie Event Centre on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd August 2018.  This year the conference grew considerably and we had approximately 170 in attendance with 7 exhibitors.  We would like to thank all attendees for taking time to attend this conference and for all our speakers, who gave their time to present.

We have had many emails coming in, with positive feedback and some fantastic ideas for future conferences.  

So, below are the presentations from the conference - these have been PDF'd.  These are listed in order of the programme for each day.   Please Note:  These presentations cannot be re-used without the written permission of the authors.    Please click on the presentation title to download the presentation.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Overview of the Building System and LBP Scheme - Paul Hobbs, Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment

Compliance or Calamity?  How to avoid liability as an IQP/Territorial Authority - Andrew Hough, Partner, Grimshaw & Co

Conducting Inspections to Promote Business Continuity - Mike Halligan, UL, USA

Managing the Insurability of our Buildings - John Lucas, Insurance Council NZ

Firefighters Place of Work - Simon Davis, Fire and Emergency NZ

Security vs Means of Escape - Michael James

FENZ : New Fire Safety Regulations and False Alarms - Peter Gallagher, Fire and Emergency NZ

Code of Practice for Electro-mechanical Locking Devices - Charlie Loughnan, Fire Fighting Pacific, Christchurch

If you would like a copy of the Code of Practice CLICK HERE

Thursday 23 August 2018

Inspecting and Managing Buildings in Use - the Challenges - Gary Strong, RICS, UK

BWOFs - Moving Forward with Auckland Council - Lupe Menezes, Auckland Council

Is backflow Important - Stephen Campbell MacDonald Industries Ltd

Lifting Compliance - Lyall Senior, Lift Solutions Ltd

Induction Loops and SS12 Systems:  The challenges of Compliance - Gordon Prier, Soundwise Ltd

Upgrade my Sprinklers!  Wasn't the 1987 Standard perfect?" - Stephen Ridder, Aon Fire Protection

Smoke Control and the IQP - Geoff Merryweather, Anvil Fire Consultants

Schedule 1 - What does and doesn't require consent - Ed Claridge, Auckland Council

Coming Up


Ed Kidd from Fireform and Jason Gosmark from Aon will speak on fire system impairments - how and why it is important to manage these.

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