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ABC Conference 2018



"Compliance" (noun) - a state of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications, or the process of becoming so....."

"Comply" (verb) - to act or be in accordance with requirements, conditions, requests or demands...."

We often don't appreciate the value of compliance until something goes wrong or we are faced with the challenge of bringing something up to an agreed level of compliance in order to "comply".  It is here we work through the process of dealing with building owners and other key stakeholders, each with their own ideas and interpretations how to achieve "Compliance".  What is compliance?  Is upgrading to new standards improving compliance or just adding cost?  Compliance is being constantly challenged, do we have the knowledge to counter-challenge?  

At ABC 2018 we will look at the challenges of compliance that the Councils, Compliance Managers and IQPs face in regards to achieving Compliance and how we might be able to overcome some of these compliance challenges.


The Exhibitor Prospectus is now available and can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE

By exhibiting at the ABC Conference, you have the opportunity to provide first hand knowledge to IQP's, showcasing your services and products as well as the ability to network and build relationships.  The IQP has a strong relationship with building owners and is often asked to provide recommendations for contractors, manufacturers and suppliers.


We are currently working on the conference programme and speakers.  

If you have an interest in presenting at the ABC Conference 2018 - the download the CALL FOR PAPERS HERE

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