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Jason Godsmark

Jason Godsmark
Position: Chairman

ABCIQP Team {tag_name_nolink} / Chairman at Association of Building Compliance New Zealand

Jason Godsmark has been involved in New Zealand's fire protection industry for close to thirty years.  Years of involvement with all aspects of fire alarms, special hazard systems and reviewing sprinkler system audits has given Jason excellent knowledge across the relevant standards and their application and development.  Recently concentrating more on business development and stakeholder delivery, Jason is currently Northern Regional & Operations Manager for New Zealand's biggest inspectorate, Aon Fire Protection, but he is equally capable in the information technology sector - illustrated by his recent development of bespoke specialist software for Aon Fire Protection.   Jason is pleased to be part of the management team of the Association of Building Compliance and previously chaired the Inspectorate special interest group at non-profit charitable organisation Fire Protection Association New Zealand for four years.  In his spare time Jason is completing an MBA at Massey University.

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