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Ron Green

Ron Green
Position: Past Chairman

ABCIQP Team {tag_name_nolink} / Past Chairman at Association of Building Compliance New Zealand

Ron Green is a Building Compliance Specialist, Educator and Consultant, minimising building risk.  He is the Director of Building Compliance and Fire Consulting Ltd as well as Fire Group Consulting Limited.

Ron has had 33 years experience in the fire protection and building compliance industry and has extensive experience and knowledge of many specified systems and has an in-depth understanding of the Building Act and Building Code in relation to the BWOF Process.  Ron has focussed his career disciplines across Fire Protection Design, Building Compliance Management, IQP Expertise, Evacuation Consulting, Passive Fire Protection and Independent Consultancy.

His expertise has been sought by many national and blue chip clients and his pragmatic approach is appreciated by clients seeking appropriate outcomes to their questions.  Ron is also one of the new national experts in the field of Passive Fire Protection and he has a passion to educate and train in this area, which is often the most misunderstood requirements of any building.

Ron has trained and educated many BCAs, IQPs, Builders and others in the area of Building Compliance and Passive Fire Protection and he is often asked to speak at events because of his experience and knowledge.

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