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Margie Cook

Margie Cook
Position: Management Team

ABCIQP Team {tag_name_nolink} / Management Team at Association of Building Compliance New Zealand
Margie Cook is the BWOF Administrator at FFP Canterbury.  She was born and raised in Zimbabwe moving to Christchurch New Zealand in 2002 to start a new life.  Her work background is in accountancy and administration with a touch of retail, marketing and customer services.

Margie moved to FFP in 2017 after 6 years at Christchurch City Council where she was involved in building consent administration from lodgement to issuance then worked as a code compliance auditor and then latterly as a building official with the BWOF team.  

Margie loves that New Zealand has a Warrant of Fitness regime for their buildings and is enthusiastic about educating building owners and tenants.

Margie is married to a builder and has 2 grown up girls one of whom lives in Austin, Texas and the other in Christchurch.

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Coming Up

Auckland TrainUP - Thursday 1 August 2019

Jason Dyer from Special Hazard NZ will speak on gaseous fire protection systems.
ABC will provide an update on a recent meeting held with Auckland Council regarding audits and compliance schedules.

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Wellington TrainUP - Friday 2 August 2019

Michael Arthurs from Wellington City Council will discuss Audits, Compliance Schedules, Form 11's etc - the good and the bad!

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Christchurch TrainUP - 6 August 2019

Speakers : Brian Wilson - Christchurch City Council and Raewyn Kinnis - FFP.

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