The Association of Building Compliance (ABC) was established to build competency, set a high standard and provide accountability in the provision of services for Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF).

The aims of the Association are:

  • To educate, and provide information and guidelines to our Members on industry issues and legislative changes in relation to the Building Compliance industry.
  • Educate our Members through education, training, workshops, courses and resources to work to meet current legislative requirements and standards
  • To consult on, participate and provide training and expertise in any matters of legislation and regulation by Government and Territorial Authorities applicable to either or both the Building Compliance regime and/or Independent Qualified Person (IQP) regime.
  • Promote and foster relationships with key stakeholders and other related industry groups.
  • Actively promote standards to maintain recognition as a respected educational organisation.
  • Foster relationships and strategies with Government Agencies, Local Councils, the New Zealand Fire Service and other agencies that will promote the Association and its purposes.
  • Support and encourage Employer and Employee participation in industry training initiatives.

The Association of Building Compliance has grown into a respected organisation that provides quality training and education to the industry. We have built strong relationships with key stakeholders and are now a nominating body to Standards New Zealand.

Our services are impartial and designed to provide educational support, technical information and specialised training for those involved in the Building Compliance Industry.

Our services are available to ABC members, affiliates and partner associations.

The Association’s membership includes:

  • Independently Qualified Persons (IQPs)
  • Council Building Control and Compliance Officers
  • Building Compliance Managers, Administrators, Technicians, and Inspectors
  • Building Owners, Property and Facilities Managers
  • Service and Maintenance Contractors

Additional members include those who provide associated services or have an interest in the building compliance process.

Laura Williams

Kia Ora, Hello from your new Chairperson, Laura Williams. By way of quick introduction for those who don’t know me, I have been in the compliance industry for some 15 years, am an IQP and have managed a National Building Compliance company and many staff over the years. I currently reside in the sunny Bay of Plenty after spending most of my career based in Auckland but work on buildings throughout NZ. My experience spans from building warrant of fitness processing, remedial work coordinating, contractor management, compliance inspections and audits, fire evacuation schemes and training and have spent a couple of years as the Emergency Response Coordinator for the Ministry of Education (central north island) just to name a few things I’ve done!

I went to my first compliance meeting back in Newmarket when it was called the “Compliance Managers Association” with the Chair being Gavin Thompson. I used to sit quietly in the background listening to all the issues the industry were facing way back then from people like Trevor Green, Eric Potts, Terry Goodwin, Ian Petrie, John Worsnop, Laurie Bow and I was thinking wow these guys really know their stuff and have seen a lot! Unfortunately a lot of those people have since retired or passed on and I can’t help but feel a sense of responsibility of ensuring the learnings of those times are not forgotten and are continually improved upon. I first sat on the Association of Building Compliance’s management committee in November 2012 as the Secretary, after a push from Ron Green to jump on board and get amongst it, and so I have been volunteering my time ever since. In my time I have been to Australia on behalf of the Association to speak at the 2017 Strata Title Conference for Griffith University about our BWOF regime here in NZ, stood in front of the insurance council and many other associations to teach compliance and outline issues our industry faces, have been part of a FENZ local advisory committee working group and attended countless MBIE meetings in Wellington with a number of different people to try achieve change. Based on my involvement with ABC I guess it is the natural progression that I now put in my final years as Chair and do as best I can for you the members.

Over the past 12 months a lot has and hasn’t happened whilst we continue to live in a Pandemic. Firstly I want to acknowledge our team of 5 million, without the effort and sacrifice of our fellow kiwis we wouldn’t have the freedoms that we have had, and are still enjoying today. Our thoughts remain with those who are yet to connect with their loved ones overseas and those who have lost their lives to Covid-19.

Although you might not see us, the ABC Management Team have been working on a number of initiatives voluntarily such as additional Codes of Practice, the Compliance Schedule Handbook project, Technical Reference Guides and NZ Standard reviews. We are thankful to be invited to participate in many of these projects and we will continue to ensure our voices and ideas are heard.

A lot of effort has been put into ABC Tech by Graeme Mathews so a big thank you to all our members who have supported the training sessions he has run to date as well as Raewyn Kinnis who has been running our BWOF Administration course throughout the country. ABC Tech is quickly becoming the go to for our members looking for courses to upskill and provide continued professional development. A training catalogue will be provided to members outlining what is coming up for you and we are close to finishing our online training software so that you can complete courses from the comfort of home or the office if you can’t make face to face session or should we go into lockdown or have an alert level change with restrictions on gathering etc.

We have seen an increase in technical questions lately. Managing these questions can sometimes take a lot of time and we are working on how to best manage this and spread the load amongst the team rather than having it all land on Graeme Mathews. Please direct all questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the first instance.

Financially the Association is tracking along ok however with the restrictions on the number of gatherings last year it was difficult to plan trainup’s and training sessions. Booking venues also proved challenging with a number of places with conference facilities being in isolation hotels. This appears to have since eased and with work being carried out for online training as well as face to face, we are hoping to get a solid year of training under our belt which will bring in additional income so we can continue to invest the money back into the association.

Lastly I want to thank Jason Godsmark for his time as Chair over the past 10 months and the time and effort he put in. Thank you to our staff, Graeme Matthews for your technical advice and support with ABC Tech. Irma Klein for your organisation and admin skills as well as all the work and effort you have put into getting us ready for the 2021 Conference, this year is going to be our biggest one yet with just over 200 attendees registered each day! You both are the ongoing backbone of the Association.

To the ABC Management Team, Gale Ward, Malcom Christie, Lyall Senior, Ron Green, Warwick Taylor and Lindsey Matthias. We have all faced challenges and changes within our own businesses, jobs and personal lives, your input to date and going forward is invaluable and appreciated.

No one can do everything but as long as we all give it our best in the time we are given, that is all that matters. I look forward to leading you all into the next phase of ABC which promises to bring further membership growth, opportunities for our members to learn and have our collective voice heard.


Laura Williams

Chair of the Association of Building Compliance.

The Association of Building Compliance also has a Code of Conduct and Complaints and Disciplinary Process which can be downloaded here.

The Constitution provides the rules and framework around the Association of Building Compliance and can be downloaded here.