ABCTech is the training and technical advisory arm of the Association of Building Compliance. ABCTech provides a comprehensive range of professional development education, training courses, and technical support services.

Our services are impartial and designed to provide educational support, technical information and specialised training for those involved in the Building Compliance Industry.

The Association provides members with technical support, latest industry information, and training by qualified experts in all Building Compliance matters that are relative to the NZ Building Act.

ABCTech courses are practical and technically based provided at beginner, advanced or refresher levels where required. All of our training includes situational case examples, systems/product equipment and knowledge based scored assessments.

ABCTech also offer on-site education and technical training support specific to your needs which is highly customised to your requirements and can include (office based) and (in-field) site based one on one or small groups.

Courses are designed and based on the following levels:

  • Level 1: 1–4-hour training workshops aimed at beginners, general knowledge, persons with 0-3 years industry experience.
  • Level 2: 6–8-hour training seminars, medium level aimed at persons with over 3 years’ experience in the industry.
  • Level 3: One or two-day seminars aimed at persons with more than 5 years’ experience in the industry, council building control officers and registered IQPs.
  • Level 4: 2–4-day block courses aimed at industry experience and qualified practitioners inclusive of both classroom-based theory studies and practical in field-based learning.

The Association of Building Compliance has undertaken a wide range of industry training events, which are also available as in-house training courses. ABC is constantly developing new courses.

Specialised training courses, topics will include the NZ Building Act, NZ Building Codes and NZ Standards for Specified Systems Technical Training Services.

These courses will be technically based and attended by IQPs and members needing to either learn about the topic at beginners, advanced or refresher levels where required.

These courses will be run on a regular basis throughout both the North and South Islands.

National technical advisory panel for each of the Specified Systems, this panel is made up of one to two technical specialists’ who are recognised as expert in their field and specific Specified Systems and features.

National Technical Library , a comprehensive library of technical files covering a full range of both New Zealand and Australian standards, the NZ Building Act, Building Code and Industry best practice guidelines.

Both the advisory panel and library are available to ABCTech trainers and technical advisors to reference in support of our members, affiliates and partner associations.

In house and on-site educational and technical training support specific to your needs.

We will be providing this service to all members, affiliates and partner associations as required.

This service is highly customised to your requirements and can include both in-house (office based) and in-field (site based) one on one or small groups.

ABCTech offer on-site education and technical training support specific to your needs and highly customised to your requirements including in-house (office based) and (in-field) site based one-on-one or small groups.

Hosting a technical support centre for members by sharing technical information and industry updates, regular technical advisory bulletins and FAQs via the ABC website.

TECH+ - Providing independent and impartial technical guidance and advice direct to ABC members, affiliates and partner associations.

ABCTech Online is an online E-Learning system providing self paced, NZ specific training to both ABC members and Non-Members covering topics across a range of core categories including the NZ Building Act, NZ Building Code, NZ Standards and Specified Systems.

These courses are technically based for IQPs, Compliance Inspectors and Compliance Officers or other members looking to advance their professional development.

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Providing individual assessments on Specified Systems, IQP process and general Building Act knowledge.

These assessments are provided in an open coaching style and designed to assist the individual and complement previous training and on-going professional development.