Course Name Category Duration Workshop Online
  BWoF Fundamentals General 0.5 day
  Compliance Schedule Best Practise General 1 day
  Compliance Fundamentals General Self Paced
  IQP Practitioning Certificate - Part 1 General 0.5 day
  IQP Practitioning Certificate - Part 2 General 0.5 day
  Monthly Inspections (Owners checks) Technical 0.5 day
  Means of escape / Final exits Technical 0.5 day
  Emergency Lighting Technical 0.5 day
  Backflow Prevention Technical 0.5 day
  Passive Fire Protection – Introductory Technical 0.5 day
  Fire And Smoke Separations (Inspect, Maintain, Report) Technical 0.5 day
  Interfaced Systems (Inspection and Reporting) Technical 1 day
  CBC1: Compliance Schedules Local Government 0.5 day
  CBC2: Technical – Specified Systems Local Government 0.5 day
  CBC3: Technical – Site Inspections and Auditing Local Government 1 day
  IQP Practitioning Certificate - Part 3 General 1 day
  Signs Technical 0.5 day