Compliance Fundamentals

Category: General
Online via ABCTech: (Self Paced)


Our compliance fundamentals course contains individual self-study units. The online units are formatted to follow a structured approach to understanding the principals of building compliance.

The units cover key areas of the NZ Building Act, NZ Building Regulations, Building Code, and the Compliance Schedule Handbook. You will also study and review recommended best practice guides in relation to the fundamentals of the Building Warrant of Fitness and Compliance Schedule regime for IQPs, Council Officers and Owners Agents.

Each unit will be assessed and upon completion you will receive a certificate as well as links/locations of technical resources and information to support the compliance process.

  • Unit CF101: NZ Building Act 2004
  • Unit CF102: NZ Building Code
  • Unit CF103: NZ Regulations, Specified Systems and Forms
  • Unit CF104: NZ Compliance Schedule Handbook and Industry Guidelines Unit
  • Unit CF105: Online Resources and Technical Information

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