Monthly Inspections (Owners checks)

Category: Technical
Workshop: ( 0.5 day )
Online via ABCTech:


This is a practical training workshop on the purpose and procedures required for the completion of monthly specified system inspections (owners checks) as required by the Building Act and Building Regulations

The course will cover key elements of the NZ Building Act, NZ Compliance Schedule Handbook, Inspections as listed on a building compliance schedule document, including SS14/2 signs for specified systems, SS15/2 final exits and exitways to reach a place of safety, SS15/3 and SS15/5 fire and smoke separations relating to means of escape, SS15/4 signs for communicating information for evacuation (exit, directional, no exit signs), and look at the functional relationship with other specified systems in respect to means of escape such as SS3 Doors.

The course will also provide recommended best practices templates for inspection records and or, on-site logbooks.

Specified Systems

Specified systems that this course relates to

  • SS 3: Electromagnetic or automatic doors or windows
  • SS 15/2: Final Exits
  • SS 15/3: Fire separations
  • SS 15/4: Signs for communicating information intended to facilitate evacuation
  • SS 14/2: Signs relating to specified systems
  • SS 15/5: Smoke separations