Backflow Prevention

Category: Technical
Workshop: ( 0.5 day )
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A workshop that includes, the right device for the right application, the differing range of backflow devices and where they should be installed. Determine which codes to use, understanding of NZ building Code G12 and AS 3500 part 1 and an introduction the American cross connection control manual.

Changes proposed for the Three Waters reform / how this may affect IQPs testing boundary devices, test reports and testing requirements in accordance with the compliance schedule handbook for SS7, how backflows are tested, what must be tested and when they must be tested.

Clarification in relation to single check valves in fire systems and what is backflow under SS7 or a SS1 fire feature.

Specified Systems

Specified systems that this course relates to

  • SS 7: Automatic back-flow preventers
  • SS 1: Automatic systems for fire suppression (Sprinklers)