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About Association of Building Compliance

About the Association of Building Compliance

The Association of Building Compliance is established to build competency, set a high standard and accountability in the provision of services for Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF). 

The Constitution provides the rules and framework around the Association of Building Compliance and can be downloaded here

Meet our Team

The Association of Building Compliance has one contracted employee to administer the Association, and providing a key support to the current Management Team. 

The Management Team consists of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and minimum of 3 other nominated members. The Management Team for the 2015/2016 year is as follows:

Coming Up

Auckland ABC Member Meeting 29 June 2017

Rose McLaughlan from Auckland Council will be speaking on the status of the new updates to the Compliance Schedule.....

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Wellington Member Meeting 30 June 2017

Simon Jones from Thermoplastic Ltd will be speaking on Fume Cupboard Design and Testing in 2017 and will talk about the introduction of manifold of fume cupboards and high plume fans.

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